Girl Code: I am worth T H I S many…..

Hey guys!

I’m here again with another installment of the Girl Code. Today’s lesson is Self Esteem 201: Know Your Worth. I know a lot of people are extremely self confident and I know there are people who are adamant about knowing their worth. But, with the way social media is set up you either have to be extremely self confident or fake it til you make it. 

This quote was so true based on my personal experience. People only do what you allow them to do. And I think the amount of fuck shit you will accept increases when you’re self esteem is low or when you don’t know your worth. 

Well girls ( and guys), I’m here to tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Don’t allow anyone to make you think you aren’t. Don’t allow anyone to make you think you’re standards are too high. People who want to be in your presence will rise to the occasion. And, I’m not saying that in a conceited way, I’m saying it in a way to let you know that you’re supposed to have standards. You need to know what things you will no longer accept. 

This also ties in with loving yourself. Love yourself fiercely! Don’t accept any love less than you would give yourself. 

Girl code 301: Know your worth! 

Until next time…

With love, 


9 thoughts on “Girl Code: I am worth T H I S many…..

  1. 🙌🙌 it took years for me to master this, but like the saying goes “you have to truly love yourself first before you can love anyone else”

  2. Hello Tania,
    I nominate you for the Creative Blogger Award.
    The rules are create a post:
    1) Thank the person who nominated you
    2) write 5 facts about yourself
    3) nominate 20 other bloggers ( any amount really).
    4) notify your nominees that you have nominated them.
    I look forward to reading your post xx

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