Girl Code: Bon Voyage 

Hi Guys,

You have no idea how much I am enjoying blogging this series! I see posts often that inspire a new code that I believe women should follow or at least be mindful of. Today is no exception! However, just in case someone out there is new to this series, please find the other installments of The Girl Code Series here:

So, today I saw this quote and I thought, “Gosh, that falls right in line with last weeks code of knowing your worth.

Ladies (or gentleman), when people willingly want to walk out of your life, BON VOY-FUCKIN-AGE! SEE YA! Do not chase them, do no will them back. No, no, when people want to be in your life, that’s exactly what they do. I think, we are currently living in an age of “just chilling”, “I’m doing me, you should do you,” and “I don’t give a fuck”. People are far too consumed in social media, or are already thinking about their next ex to even put forth the effort to work on the situations that they have in front of them!

People have to stop letting people walk in and out of their lives and chasing behind them. People also have to stop playing this hard to get game. Life would be so much easier if it was like, “I am interested in you and you’re interested in me,let’s see where this goes.” This is not giving in, this is not taking away the  act of “working for it,” there are plenty of milestones to “work for”. But, for how long do you think you can play cat and mouse games? How long do you think this game will be interesting? How long do you think people will tail behind you? Or, how long are you willing to tail and chase behind someone?

Once upon a time, I had woman whom I was dating tell me that she needed to think about whether  she wanted to continue to date me. She didn’t want to give up just yet, but she had to think about what she wanted to do, after 5 months of dating. Nothing was wrong,to my knowledge, she just suddenly didn’t think we fit together. And that’s completely ok, because you’re not going to be everyone cup of tea (let’s face it, I was champagne ) however, I won’t wait after 5 months for you to figure that out. I won’t be in limbo because frankly I’m too old for that. I am not going back and forth, I am not going dillydally and waste more time with someone whom I’ve only invested 5 months with.  I was hurt, but hey, I dodged bullet.

This brings me to my next point…

If I am investing my time and energy into someone, I am not going to chase you. And, I am inclined to think that if you make me chase you, after I’ve already invested feelings in you, that you don’t value my feelings, so I won’t waste another moment feeling  for someone who will gleefully place my feelings at the wayside.  No thank you, BON VOYAGE.

Girl Code 401 : Thou shalt not chase!

Until next time…

With Love,


PS. I have two posts coming up regarding two awards I’ve received from Ana and Claudia. Be on the look out for that as I believe they both have me answer questions and let you in on random facts about me!


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