Girl Code: Invest in yourself 

So, I think sometimes women wear so many different hats that they forget to take care of themselves. Or, I think some people waste time looking cute and looking for the next money train. When I am bored, the first thing I think is , “hmm, what kind of degree can I get”. Literally, I’m always looking for a degree and the reason is always because I am bored. 

I believe some women are trying to fall back on their looks. And I’m not saying looks aren’t a career but I’m saying being an Instagram model isn’t. I understand what Kim Kardashian did and now she has these girls doing the same thing, looking for a man to sponsor her. But, ladies do not be fooled, Kim K came from money.

Growing up my father always stressed to me the importance of having my own. I don’t depend on anyone, not even my parents. I know they will help me out but I don’t think that I have a set in stone fall back.  Even though I wish I had waited to go to school and I wish I had thought out what I really wanted to do with my life, I still have something to fall back on. I’m not looking for a hand out, I’m not relying on my looks, I have something lucrative to fall back on.  I am not saying everyone should go to school, because I understand school isn’t for everyone. My point is that you should make sure you have something for yourself, even if it just a savings account. My biggest fear is depending on someone, my partner or anyone and they remind me that I am depending on them.   No thank you!

Often times we are looking for what our partner has to bring to the table and forget we also need to bring something to the table! I’m saying just because you bring something doesn’t mean it will get used today… but we can save it for a rainy day!Girl Code 501: Buy the whole damn table, for yourself!

Until next time….

With love,



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