With liberty and JUSTICE FOR _____

When I said the pledge of allegiance as a child, I had no idea that the word  JUSTICE would eventually carry such sorrow. I say this because when we seek justice it is after hundreds of black men, women, and children have been murdered by those who were (never) supposed to protect us. I’m not sure how much longer we will keep allowing such heinous acts of violence before we really start fighting back. I believe this time, the revolution will be televised. On CNN, Fox, NBC… It will be televised and even after each black body is piled up, we will be portrayed as unruly and out of control thugs. We will be told this isn’t the way to handle things. We will be told to march peacefully but it is hard to hear that though the audio tapes of officers screaming at black people. It’s hard to understand that while watching officers harass black people and act like a thug by yelling crude things and holding out a gun as a scared person runs away from them. You see… that is a thug to me. 

Justice for … Trayvon Martin

Justice for … Eric Garner

Justice for … Mike Brown

Justice for … Freddy Grey

Justice for … Tamir Rice

Justice for … Sandra Bland

Justice for … ALL black lives 



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