You just wouldn’t beweave it…

Hey all,

So, a good friend of mine approached me suggesting that she may want a weave in her near future, to which I automatically said, “DO IT”. As many of you may or may not know, I  AM A NATURAL GIRL. However, it is much easier for me to manage my hair when it’s pressed out. In the last year I have been embracing my curly q’s and that meant laying off the heat, protective styling and twist outs. However, I have succumb to the weave!

I’ve had my eye on a weave for years, yes, YEARS. Obviously what turned me off from it was the price. It is an investment. However, for me it was well worth it. Many people, especially curly haired girls, have a hate/hate relationship with humidity. There have been summers where I just wore my hair straight and ran from the car to the door. Never enjoying my summer. Last summer I did the braids, which my girlfriend hates. I like braids but honestly they are only cute the first 3 weeks. But, this weave, with minimal leave out, allows me to feel pretty and be pretty all summer with out any of the hassles! It was well worth the money.

So, if you are on the fence, not sure if you should invest your money into it.. I’m telling you to go for it. If you have the coins, do it.  The process for me was a bit tedious. My salon does sell hair but during my ordering process I was quoted the wrong price and unfortunately the salon owner wouldn’t honor the price. So I decided to take my business elsewhere as far as buying hair was concerned. So, finding the hair was a problem because I assumed the hair my salon sold was good quality hair because they all wear the hair. But since I had to find my own hair I had no clue who really stood behind their product and sold “good hair”. I was told to make sure I was referred by someone, make sure there’s minimal sheading, and make sure the hair doesn’t carry a smell (I’ve been told it smells like cornchips).

I was referred by my friend to her salon to get hair. The hair is very soft and smelled delightful. Even after washing it still had a nice smell, not that of shampoo but the original smell.  I do however experience shedding with tangles however once I “understood” the hair I overcame most of the tangles.

I would suggest the person who does your weave is your stylist because you may need tightening and you may need hair added over time. I haven’t experiences either of those.

No one will tell you this … The first two weeks of having your weave are hell. Your head may be sore and your head will itch, so bad. A metal rat tail comb will be your best friend. I keep mine close by.


Once you get your hair washed again this will start to subside. I’ve been told that this depends on whether or not a net has been used.  My stylist used a net which may explain my itches. However it’s much better.

Also, if you decide to get your weave curled, don’t pin curl it. This caused tangles for me. Use flexirods. I use between 5-7 a night and I sleep fine and my hair comes out great the next morning.

Overall, I am very happy with my weave. It’s definitely my new summer style. I honestly may keep this for a while. If you have been thinking about it for a while you should go ahead and get it. You won’t be disappointed.


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