Book Review: She Wants Her Too


So I’m back and as promised, I’ve read the sequel to She Wants Her by Tasha C. Miller (review here).  That whole thing about me taking my time and reading this one slowly… lies, fairytales and fallacies. I read this bad boy at work and through the night. At 4 am I had a smile plastered across my tired face in delight. Then the horror set in…I had finished the damn book!

If you’re interested in my review, keep reading!

Title: She Wants Her Too (Can be purchased here)

Author: Tasha C. Miller
Genre: African American Lesbian Fiction

Women absolutely love Cleopatra Giovanni, however, the widely adored Cleopatra doesn’t love them back—not anymore. She only has eyes for her beloved wife, Jacqueline. While her picture-perfect life inspires some, it brings out pure jealousy in others. The envious do everything in their power to tear these two newlyweds apart. Supriti, the new woman in town who doesn’t take “no” for an answer, is just one of the many oppositions this couple has to face.

This feat of love in book form is filled with more dark secrets and more recklessness than anyone should ever have to handle. These countless demons, heart-wrenching deceptions, and destroyed dreams are what cause the steadfast Cleopatra to question everything—her marriage included. Will Cleopatra betray her vows? Will she even have a choice in the matter? The real question is… Will their love conquer all—Again? This 554-page epic romance will capture your heart, crush it, and revive it at the very same time. Will you TOO get caught up in this beautiful disaster?

So, in a previous review (maybe my amazon review, because yes, I’ve sung high praises as much as I can) I stated that I wasn’t fond of Jacqueline.  I retract that statement.I get it, in fact, I can almost identify with Jacqueline, I understand her position.  I’m still in love with Cleo, which sucks because it will forever go unrequited. This book was so good. I honestly didn’t think it could get any better. There’s this tricky thing with books when sequels and trilogies start to happen; sometimes they start to seem like the story line is dragging out and not in a good way. I hate when that happens. But, that was not the case. In fact, it tied up loose ends that I hadn’t even realized were loose to begin with but it worked and I appreciated it because it was like an “ah ha” moment for me at times.  At 2:16am this morning, I was reading this book and literally giggling and kicking my feet while in bed because honestly there’s some pretty wild and hilarious moments. This book worked, it just did. It was, again, well written (which I am honestly not surprised by considering the authors educational background. (yes, I looked her up.)) and well thought out. It even left room for some sort of spin off. There were times were I said, “wtf” regarding the main characters actions and times I sympathized (yes, with a book). There were some very suspenseful moments for me. I have this thing where if something is too suspenseful I will read the last page to put myself out of my misery, but I refused this time. I needed this to unfold. I also needed to finish it because I couldn’t put it down! Also, Alexis…my girl!  She’s just my type of woman!

Bottom Line:
Hell yes I recommend this book, after you’ve read the first one of course.  You will not be disappointed! And on a scale of 5 stars, it gets 10 stars from me because seriously.Now, I’m depressed because my time with Cleo and Jacqueline has come to an end. But, I’m hoping to read more from Ms. Miller, so we shall see. 😉

Until next time…

With love,


PS. I’m about to carry my ass to sleep! And if you know any Cleo’s, tell her I said Heyyy, lol.


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