Book Review: Choices 

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As promised I’m here to bring you the book reviews for the choices series. Starting with book 1, Choices. There are about 6 days left to donate. Let’s get right into the review.

Title: Choices ( available here)
Author: Skyy
Genre: African American Lesbian Fiction

Four friends; Lena, who is engaged to a basketball superstar, Denise, who is hoping that she will be the first in her family to graduate college, Freedom, who lives up to her name and Carmen, who needs to work on her self-esteem–lean on each other during their days at Freedom University.

This book laid down the foundation. It immediately sucked me in with describing the characters and their personalities and their drama. Lena is the humble popular girl who doesn’t mind that her only female friends are a group of lesbians. Denise is the popular basketball player with her eyes focused on her future until someone catches her eye. Then there was Cooley. Every group of friends has a “Cooley,” the playa pimp type.  I loved and hated Cooley. I mostly loved her, though. Finally there’s Carmen, the reformed insecure girl. I loved their friendship. Hell, it made me want friends just like them! Although it’s a pretty typical plot it was really good. It wasn’t diluted with a lot of sex and it had just the right amount of drama to suck you in. The plot was well thought out and well written/edited, which you know is a pet peeve of mine. 

5’s across the board. I never tire of this book. I’ve read it twice and I never put it down. Truth be told, the second time I read it I read all 4 books in a week and a half, and fell in love once again. Yes, I would recommend this!

As you may (or may not) know, I am reviewing this series in an effort to promote and help raise money to turn this series into a movie. Please, read this book and if you have good faith donate to bring it to life!!

*I wasn’t asked to do this. These reviews are my own opinions and me reviewing and promoting this book and campaign are done on my own merit.

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