I have…

Baby fever. I’m actually a little depressed about there being no little pitter-patter in my life. Everywhere I turn someone is pregnant or having a baby. I’m 28, yes I know I’m still “young” (in age but honestly 28 year old eggs aren’t exactly ideal) but I just thought I would have had this milestone by now. The worst part is because I am a lesbian, if I have fertility issues I won’t know until I try and I’m getting older with no hope of a baby any time soon. So what happens when I’m in my 30s and trying to have a baby only to find out I can’t. I hope this won’t be the case. 

My step mother basically told me she thought my father would never have any grand kids. Her exact words. 

So I am a little down. And I’m trying to look on the bright side (there really isn’t one that I see but ok) but I have had baby fever for years and it’s just increasingly getting worse. I give it a year and a half (when I turn 30) to work itself ou. If not than I’ll have to go another route. 

πŸ˜” I know my posts aren’t usually depressing but I’m just a bit sad. 

Until next time…

With love,



7 thoughts on “I have…

  1. I’m 28 with the same maternal itch. While I know I’m not at my most ideal time in life to have a baby, I know that if the stork mysteriously dropped one off, we would be just fine.

    On the other hand, Leo and I would like to have purchased our new home and gotten married before having children… So that’s at least another 3 years away in total.

    Darn that maternal clock.

    1. Ideally I wanted a marriage at least. A partner to share this joyous experience with but as I get older my priorities rearranged. I have women in my family who haven’t married or haven’t had kids or both and they are genuinely sad about it and have small regrets. I don’t want that to be me so the closer I get to 30 the more it’s becoming clear that it will never be the “right” time but I’m not waiting for someone to come along and sweep me off my feat and before I know it in 40 with no baby. It’s my biggest fear next to dying in a car accident. 😳

      1. I understand completely. I’ve formulated the decision in my mind that come 31, I will begin the process of building a family alone. Not having (birth or adoption) children isn’t an option for me. The partnership would be loved and appreciated, but definitely not guaranteed.

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