In case you missed it …

So, I may or may not be an aspiring author. When I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to write. I love to read and, actually, I am a big critic. Because I am so critical of everything I read, I know that when  do finally release a book it needs to be A1. I have found a place where I can practice and this is where you, my readers, come into play. 

1. I have started a short story called Mistaken Identity, which can be found here. I will update this weekly. I would love if you could read it and follow the story as well as offer your feedback. 

2. Offer me writing prompts. This story (in point 1) is derived from a brainstorming excersize I did with my best friend. She gave me the bones and I’m adding the meat.  I’m open to writing prompts, it will help in the long run. 

I look forward to your feedback. 

Until next time …
With love,



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