Holiday Season: Gift Cards vs. Gifts

I am not one of those people who just know what you need. I really don’t pay that much attention. I am usually a gift card giver. I love and hate it because as many would argue, gift cards are impersonal. But, it seriously takes out the guess work. I really prefer people to tell me exactly what they want. But I learned a valuable lesson one year, when ever gift I purchased was a gift card:

Gift cards = More money

It sounds like it could be common sense that not so common. I usually have a super long list of gifts to get and I never want to give anyone a gift card with just $10 on it. I know, I know, it’s not about that but seriously. 

My advice, where you can, skip the gift cards. You can get someone a nice gift at a fraction of the cost that you would spend putting money on a gift card. Every retailer, just about, has nice, cheap stocking stuffer gifts. If you’re a Black Friday shopper you can get them at basically pennies. My cousins both received a nice scarf and glove set that retailed at $20 each and on Black Friday I was able to get them for $10 together. That’s right, door busters marked down to $5! It’s not a lot but my aunt has a family of at least 4 (this number changes based on if she has a foster child) and they can easily rack up a lot of money out of me, so… 

So far, I’ve completed half of my Christmas shopping and I have about $200 in gift cards but that took care of 5 people. And I’m ok with that, but I was able to get someone a purse at about a 70% discount which was a great buy. 

Happy Shopping! 

What do you usually do for gifts?

Until next time…

With Love,



3 thoughts on “Holiday Season: Gift Cards vs. Gifts

  1. I think gift cards are a great idea. My daughter specifically asked for them this year, so she can get the things she really wants. What’s wrong with that? Can’t believe you’re almost done shopping, so jealous 😊

    1. I love GCs too. I ask for them and cash every year. I just found that one year when I did it most people for at least $25 and I have a least of 12 this year and that cutting some people out. And noticed I said at least. There were some $100 and some $50. The bank was like “hey!!! ”

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