Book Review: Crush (part 1)

Hey guys,
It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review. And honestly I’m about to pump them out. I may eventually open a whole blog dedicated to book reviews, but we shall see. So let’s just hop right into this review. 

Title: Crush ( available here)

Author: Ivy Symone

Genre: African American Urban Fiction

Jazmin always had the biggest crush on her childhood friend Sean since she could remember. Being that she was the “cute for a fat girl” and “like a little sister” type of girl, Sean never really gave Jazmin much attention. Now that they’re older, things have changed. Sean has started seeing her in a different light and now they’re caught up in a love affair that Jazmin has been waiting her whole life for. 

There’s just one problem: Sean is married to Jazmin’s sister’s friend Rayven. To make matters worse, Jazmin has just given birth to Sean’s love child. 
As Jazmin deals with the pain, hurt, and heartbreak of being the secret side chick to Sean, another person has entered the picture. Jah, also another childhood friend, is handsome but can be a little rude, straightforward and temperamental. He’s the “bad boy” with a potty mouth that has always been everyone’s least favorite; however he’s attempting to be a standup guy despite his abrasiveness. And he’s there for Jazmin in ways that she would have never expected. 
But Sean isn’t happy about it at all. 

Will Sean sit back and lose his side-piece and love child to Jah, or will he be ready to let the cat out the bag to hold on to Jazmin?


Honestly, I was skeptical. Let me let you in on a little secret: I NEVER read the book description. And if I do, it’s only like two lines.  So after reading the first page, I was like …nope this going to be the same ol bullshit. He’s  going to fake leave his wife and this shit is going to blow up. Predictable. But it wasn’t. In fact, this is a three part book and I read all three parts in a 24hr period. 

See, Jazmin was on some shit. It really pissed me off. In the same way it would if my home girl was acting up. However, her character’s development was great. The drama was mostly believable, I mean some of the plots could actually happen. Sean was a piece of work. Literally. And the group of friends that Jazmin had were a little questionable. And, just for his sheer unadulterated lack of know how, Jah was my favorite and he really turned out to be alright. It was very well thought out and edited nearly perfectly. I couldn’t complain once about the editing. So, that’s always a plus. 


Plot – 4.5 ( just a little predictable)
Character development – 5
Editing – 5

I would definitely recommend this book! It’s not a “hood” book exactly even if some of if is ratchet.  It’s just a really good read. I may review books 2 and 3, but I don’t want to give any spoilers away so we will see. Let me know if this made your reading list and how you liked it! 

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