Storytime : Easily Bored…

Hey guys,

I’m really trying to come up with new material to keep you guys interested. I guess you can say I have quite found my niche yet. This is more like a personal journal, a journey through life, of sorts, with a few book reviews in between. I want to be more active but with out the interaction it’s hard to stay motivated. But whatever. So I have a semi story to tell.

We all have our flaws, right? Right! And I’ve heard many people say their flaw is being “easily bored” or say something along the lines of “it takes a lot to hold my attention.” While that may be true, in the day and age of social media, it’s become more difficult to keep your private life private.

So, a ways back I had someone approach me and express their interest. In the short time we took to get to know one another the person told me about a few of their conquests and how it was so hard for a woman to hold their attention. This was a red flag for me. Not because I was intimidated or I was put off by their conquests, which of course I was because I don’t need to heard about your fly by night flings, but because of their lack of couth basically.

So the story went something like, I dated my ex girlfriends friend who is also currently their room mate. And I lived with this girl and that girl. And basically it’s a NO from me. No, you may not move on to Hollywood. Nope, nah, no ma’am, No Thanks!  I, just like the next person, wouldn’t saying being single is my favorite pastime. It’s just not and that has nothing to do with me not loving myself or not being ok with being alone or anything. This is just because I enjoy being partnered up but with that in mind it doesn’t mean I’m going to literally move on from one bed to the next in a matter of hours. Which is basically what she told me.

Long story short, I became a little creeped out and ended up blocking her just until I figured she got the picture. And she did. And then …she didn’t. Because she found her way right back in my DMs(it’s going down in my dms) talking about she had a huge crush on me. There are several things to note:

  1. We never met in person.
  2. She likes me based off my Instagram.
  3. My Instagram does not reflect my personal life accurately.
  4. We never met in person.

So my natural response was, “it’s a figment of your imagination. ” Because as far as I am concerned, it is. You don’t know anything about me to have a crush on me. At most, you’re infatuated but I still feel like that’s over giving.

Now, besides the fact that I have a girlfriend and have had the same girlfriend for the past two years, I felt we had had the discussion about why I am just not interested. And even if we hadn’t, I peeped some mess on social media that would have turned me away also.

I’m a firm believer in keeping your personal, intimate life private. You could not go to my Instagram and tell I have a girlfriend because that’s not people’s business. I’m going to be real with you, I follow and allow many people to follow. Many whom I don’t know. Why? Simple, 9 out of 10 times, it’s because they are aestetically pleasing. Or because they have plenty of spiritual sayings or because they fashionable. None of those reasons have anything to do with them on a personal level. It has everything to do with what they display. And that’s ok because it’s just the Internet. So, you don’t need to know my personal business. However, not everyone feels that way. So when I notice you posting a girl and then the very next week those pictures are deleted and you’re posting another girl, the answer is again a no for me. Why? Because I am not interested in having someone that anyone can have. And even if everyone hasn’t had you, from the types of posts you post I genuinely can’t tell.

There is nothing wrong with this. I’m not even looking down on it. I’m just saying this isn’t my shot of vodka. If you wants to do that, that’s fine but I’d my first impression of you is off the internet and that’s all I had to judge you by then …. It just wasn’t a good impression for me. Be careful of the things you post or the imagine you portray of yourself. You can do and have a great time and not post every waking moment on the Internet. The bottom line is you won’t have my ass on the Internet looking stupid with you.

So, my advice for those people who bore easily or are just having a good time dating around do it, PRIVATELY! Or blog about it because I’m still trying to talk any friend I have who is a chronic dater to chronical there experience. But anonymously. And you know, this doesn’t even have  to do with being embarrassed. It’s just that everything isn’t for the world to see.

What are your thoughts on it ?

Until next time ….


3 thoughts on “Storytime : Easily Bored…

  1. Greetings Tania,

    It’s great to visit your blog home again! Please know that you are enough just as you are for me to continue visiting and reading your posts. You don’t have to do anything special, but be and do YOU! I’m not bored. I’m interested, naturally! And I believe I speak for a large percent of the other readers here.

    Now, that said, I enjoyed Story Time!

    Seems to me that you are a great judge of character. That woman didn’t need to be taking your precious time, time that is already being consumed by a girlfriend of two years, who is obviously loved and loving. Bless your heart and hers. I really think you did the right thing by handling the situation with distance. Yes, my life is on the Internet but I hope I’ve posted what I’d not be ashamed to share if you met me, well, wouldn’t be ashamed of anyway. In other words, I love sharing my life with the universe, although I think harassing others is a No Go! Your DM to close the communication should have been honored.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the story and the outcome! Ever wishing you the best, love!


    1. Hey Claudia!
      Thanks for your warm words. I’ve visited your YouTube ! And I’m not suggesting that you don’t post your life or live publicly, but somethings are just better left in private.

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