Author Review: Ivy Symone

So this is a first, of sorts. I believe, in the past few weeks, I’ve read all of Ivy Symone’s books. Instead of doing several book reviews, I will do one author review to recap most of what I liked about the works of Ivy Simone. So… Let’s just get right into it. 


So,  most of these books are linked in a way where they refer to characters from the other books. I loved reading one book, learning about a new character and then reading that characters story.  Out of all of the stories, I have to say Why Should I Love you series was  my favorite. The character development is great, out of all the characters Eli is my favorite.  But all the characters are great. Some have their tortured pasts and their scandalous ways. Others just were just finding their way through life and love. 

Ivy has a gift. I will admit, though some of the things seemed out of reach it worked out nicely. For the most part, everything was   believeable and I’m sure someone out here can relate to these stores. Unlike some authors who have a common story line and use that in every book with different characters, Ivy has an imagination. There were plot twists and turns and unexpected and thrilling. And baby, the sex scenes, A1!

All of the books were well written and edited which, is a blessing because I would don’t know if I could have go through all these great books if they were poorly edited. 

I read the books out of order. And I believe I’ve listed them in the order they should be read. But, they should definitely be read. Hands down they are all 5-star! 

If you read them, let me know. Tell me how you like them. Let’s discuss them ! I want to do a book club however no one participated last time. But if anyone is interested, let me know. 

PS: when I went to write this, I found Hate to Love you had just released a few days prior, so it pushed this review back until I finished the book. And though I didn’t care for the antagonist, because who would, by the end of the book I was sobbing. So…. Read it. 

Until next time …


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