Book Review: Love Don’t Have To Hurt


As promised, I will be pumping out some reviews since I’ve literally been reading a book a day!  I will start with Lucinda John’s book Love Don’t Have To Hurt. Let’s jump right into it. 

 Author: Lucinda John

Genre: Urban Fiction 


Aimee’s dreams of a professional dancer had to be placed on hold when her father died of cancer. Living paycheck to paycheck, Aimee works to help her mother pay of her debts, take cares of her brother, and attend a few classes at a community college. When Aimee’s best friend, Shanice presents her with the idea of dancing at a strip club for extra money, she meets Lucas. 

A punch, slap, and a few kicks is how Aimee can explain her abusive relationship with Lucas. The guy that is suppose to be her safe haven, is the one that is causing her the most pain; physically and emotionally. Aimee feels obligated to stay with Lucas because of how he changed her and her family’s lives, but when things turn fatally will Aimee learns that love is not suppose to hurt? Or will it be too late?

Review:  This book took off running from the first page. Even though this isn’t a life I could imagine, it is a reality for many, many, many women. It really played on the fact that you have to be careful what you expose your children to and that some behaviors are taught at home and can prove to be deadly. Lucus and Aimee are a clear example of what could happen to children raised in a home with violence. It also touched on greed. Accepting less than for the love of money.

The book was well written, even though toward the end I kind of felt like it was a bit rushed to wrap up. But it held my attention. It wasn’t watered down with sex but it was a bit graphic. I felt like every page there was an ass whopping waiting. 

Bottom line : I would recommend this book. It receives 4-stars from me. The character development was good. It was just a little far fetched but it wasn’t bad. It was well written and well edited. There were some small inconsistencies regarding the time gaps but over all it was a good read!

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