Book Review: Turn Me Out

Hey! It’s been a hectic few weeks for me at work but that has not stopped me from reading! I received a copy of Turn Me Out by T. Ariez and was delighted to both read and do a review! So with out further ado!

turnmeoutcover Author: T. Ariez (Purchase here)

Genre: African American Lesbian Fiction


Angel and Ace are best friends who happen to both be studs. When Angel realizes that she has developed feelings for Ace, she devises a plan that will go against everything she’s ever known and believed in. She is tired of the traditions and rules that make her feelings taboo and decides to risk everything. When she finally decides that she can’t take it anymore and throws caution in the wind, will it all be worth the risk?

Review: I make a habit to never read a synopsis. I don’t even want to be clued in to what may or may not be. So I judged this book based on the title, and the saying stood true, don’t judge a book by the cover! I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t your typical lesbian story and I was very happy it addressed issues that are prevalent in the black gay community.

The story line was good! This book tackled issues that are commonly discussed in the black gay community, roles and labels and what’s considered “too gay”. For example, stud for stud relationships. In 2016, it is not uncommon to hear people preach that they are NOT following any  roles or labels, they are just them and they will run their relationships as they see fit! This is no different. This addressed the issue head on and I haven’t read another published book where the characters have addressed this.

I enjoyed the coming to Christ moment that one of our characters faced at the hands of her parents! They made complete sense!  I also loved Grans! Most times, grandparents know what’s best and that was no different here. I was happy that the book ended on a very positive note. However, since the book did address one of the characters, actually both of the characters, promiscuity, it would have been a great time to tackle another issue, STDs and safe sex! But we will leave that to another author or book. This book is definitely a must read especially if you are looking for something different than the normal to read!

Bottom Line: The plot was great, the characters were developed and we addressed issues! I would said this is a recipe for a 4-Star book! There were some grammatically errors, though small, but other than that it was well written. I recommend this book!

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