Book Review: The Last Conception

I’ve had the pleasure of reading Gabriel Constans’ The Last Conception. It was definitely a little different that what I am used to reading but it was a good read! If you have been thinking about reading this book but it may be a little out of your usual interests then keep on reading! Find out what I thought about this book below! 


Author: Gabriel Constans (Purchase Here)
Genre:Lesbian Fiction

Passionate embryologist, Savarna, is in a complicated relationship, with two different women, when she is told that she Must have a baby. Her conservative East Indian American parents are desperate for her to conceive, in spite of her “not being married”. They insist that she is the last in line of a great spiritual lineage. In the process of choosing her lover and having doubts about her ability, or desire to conceive, Savarna begins to question the necessity of biology and lineage within her parents’ beliefs and becomes forever fascinated with the process of conception and the definition of family. Threads of Dan Brown (DaVinci Code), Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (Sister of My Heart) and The L Word (Tv series) flavor this colorful tale of awakening, romance and mystery.


I really enjoyed the concept of this book. I appreciated the fact that it was a little outside of what I usually read where the main characters are often African American. Constans’ book was centered around an Indian woman, Sarvarna,  her family, the Sikands, and her ability to conceive a child in an effort to keep their lineage flowing. 

I liked the fact that it addressed several issues in this book. Coming out, interracial relationships and fertility. These are all difficult issues  for any family, regardless of their cultural background, to face. I believe  the fact that the family was really insistent  for Sarvarna to have a baby overshadowed her coming out. It was grazed over and I really would have wanted to see more of the issue tackled and not just brushed under the rug. 
In a few ways I can identify with Sarvarna, being in her thirties, not having any point of reference as to if she can or can’t get pregnant and then going through that with a very supportive partner. I was immediately sucked in, is she going to give in and try to get pregnant? Does she get pregnant? What’s next?
My only disappointment is how the book ended, but I will save that for you to decide. If the theme of the book was having faith or being hopeful, I’m there!  
The book was written and edited well. The characters had depth though it was missing some key things I would have liked to see addressed but I don’t believe the book’s focus was on the petty arguments that could have happened but the over all goal. 
Bottom Line:
 I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars. It had a good story line, it needed a little more depth when addressing certain issues but it was consistent and well written. 
Until next time….


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