So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter (and you should @WLoveTaniaBlog) then you know I’ve been talking about a new series! This new series is none other than the infamous Throwback Thursday. But, not in the sense you may be thinking. I started reading for my leisure maybe around age 13. I read all of the popular authors at that time including Omar Tyree, Eric Jerome Dickey, Zane and more. Back when books where long, well edited and had bomb story lines! But, have you ever re-watched something as an adult that you had watched as a child and  had a light bulb moment like “Ooooh, that’s what they meant” because as a child it completely flew over your head. Well, I want to see if I have that moment with a few of the books I read as a child. I know that for one, I had no damn business reading Zane at a tender 14, but I want to see how these books are holding up in the age of long series and self publishing! 

Over the next few weeks or months, I will occasionally revisit a few of my favorites and see if they still hold a spot in my heart as they did over 10 years ago. Books like, True to the Game, Liquid Dreams, The Coldest Winter Ever, Sisters of APF and maybe many more. So, with out further ado… let’s get right into it. 

Author: Omar Tyree (Available here)

Genre: African American Fiction/Romance/Young Adult


Tracy Ellison, a young knockout with tall hair and attitude, is living life as fast as she can. Motivated by the material world, she and her friends love and leave the young men who will do anything to get next to them. It’s only when the world of gratuitous sex threatens heartbreak that Tracy begins to examine her life, her goals, and her sexuality.


This is the book that sparked this series. I remember this being my favorite book as a child. Although now, I probably couldn’t tell you why. Have you ever been ankle deep into something and wish you would have left it right where you found it? That is precisely how I felt about rereading Flyy Girl

As an adult, it was honestly like reading an entirely different book. I didn’t recall most of the events in the book and I know I genuinely liked this book. As a child I thought I was reading something racy, like I had no business reading it. But as an adult, I realize it sort of was age appropriate. Sort of. The book didn’t have a grand purpose or lesson, in my opinion. But the more I got into the book, the better I enjoyed it. But not initially. 

We journey through the young life of Tracy. And how she was raised, her family issues and issues that a girl faces in grade school up until college. A Flyy girl 10 years ago is nothing more than today’s Bad Bitch. The book was about Tracy and through most of the book I can’t even say I liked Tracy. She was immature, she was worried about the wrong things. And I guess for her age, it was appropriate but it was frustrating none the less. 

I also didn’t care for how relaxed her parents were in the way they raised her. And maybe in the 70’s and 80’s things were different. But at 13 my mother wasn’t letting me walk blocks away at 9pm to attend anyone’s house party, I’m just saying. 

I did like how ironically this book is now matching up to the current “conscious” movement. Like there are so many things going on right now in real life about embracing your melanin and uplifting Queens and raising Queens instead of bad bitches. And I thought it was cool how something written 15 years ago can mirror something that is currently going on.  They talked about embracing natural hair and how Tracy’s mother didn’t think locs were natural. Things like that. 

Bottom line: 

My 13 year old self would have given this a 5 Star and in my mind it was, until I read it as an adult. I don’t know if I’m so used to drama filled books that just walking through someone’s life story just bored me but I was definitely disappointed when reading this as an adult. I now conclude it was ok for me at 13. I thought the book has been vulgar and raunchy but it actually wasn’t. And maybe this is ok for teenagers to read but I wish I had left it as the 5 star I remembered. I would give it 3 Stars. It was well written and the characters definitely developed over time. The book was well edited too. But it just was a struggle for me this time around because I just didn’t care for the story line. The book told me a million times Tracy’s birthday was in September. It seems like she just kept doing the same thing over and over again with different people. Maybe to someone else this could be their 5 star but I just couldn’t get with the story line this time around. 😔
Until next time…



5 thoughts on “New Series: THROWBACK THURSDAY!!

  1. I loved this book as a child. I swear, I can’t remember most of what happened but at the same token at least I was reading. Hindsight is 20/20 or so they say, so I probably wouldn’t enjoy it now. I’m gonna text you a book I have read and re-read so you can look it up and read it. I can’t remember the name right now.

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