Book Review: Stay

I know I’ve been gone a while but life sort of happened. That doesn’t mean I haven’t read a ton of books in the meanwhile! It’s no secret I enjoy books by author Ivy Symone, in fact I did an Author Review on all of her books I read at once. Well, she published a new book not too long ago, I thought I would review it while I’m completing another authors catalogue for another Author Review. 

Author: Ivy Symone (purchase here)

Genre: Urban Fiction/Romance


Frankee had everything a woman could desire. From the castle-like mansion she dwelled in to the fancy jewels she adorned; she had it all. She was the mother of two beautiful children whom she simply adored, and she was surrounded by a slew of servants who praised and worshipped her like she was royalty. Her fairytale life was every girl’s dream come true. But she never thought her shining knight in armor would come in the form of a megalomaniac! 
Zino Okonjo has been proclaimed by many to be a powerful and ruthless “street financier”. A man like Zino doesn’t sit back and play by the rules others make; it’s his way or no way. Exerting his dominance, he takes Frankee in exchange for a debt owed; it changes her life instantly. Four years later, Frankee still hasn’t accepted her fate and want to reconnect with the man she was taken from. An opportunity presents itself and she makes a dash for her freedom to reunite with her ex, Antwan. 

This was his chance to reclaim the woman that was rightfully his. Not only will Antwan get his woman back, but it’s time for him to exact revenge on the man he loathe the most: Zino. 


This book had an unique story line, at least it was a new one for me. You know I hate giving too much away but spoilers may be ahead! This is basically about a woman who was a bargaining piece. Now, I’m not saying I’ve never read a book when a woman was a bargaining piece but I’m saying this has a little twist, almost a silver lining. 

Frankee has a dream life for the most part and she honestly didn’t have to work hard to get it. But I completely understand why she was sad in the situation she was in. I can even understand her wanting to go back to her past, simple and less luxurious life. But what I can’t understand is how her friends wanted her to believe or find the goodness that came from the fucked up situation. 

This book definitely had some plot twists and I enjoyed it. It may have taken me a day or two to read. But what I absolutely enjoyed the most was that it was a stand alone novel! Amen! 

Per usual Ivy Symone books, it was well written and flowed nicely. It was well edited also. The character development was there and so was the drama. There was some action which was not so unbelievable as it is in some books. 

Bottom line:

I give this a 5-Star rating. I can’t find anything bad about this story. It was fresh and different. It wasn’t s series and it was well written. I would definitely recommend this book! 

Until next time….


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