So, I really hate that I didn’t make my blog anonymous. There are times when I want to discuss things that are going on with me but j don’t necessarily want the whole world to know. So I thought, maybe I would do password protected post. But I’m still unsure if I want to share the story. 


12 thoughts on “Private….

  1. I definitely understand. You could always make an anonymous page, specific to sensitive information. I’ve done that and it’s helped A LOT! Or do a password sensitive type deal, like you mentioned above. You’ll figure it out, feel better!

      1. I will! I have an entry on here that’s password protected as well. It’s not done yet though. It’s super sensitive so I haven’t really sat down to revise it the way I should. Once it’s done, I’ll send you the code lol you’ll be the only person to read it!

  2. I’ve done both private and password protected posts on here. Having given out the link to a few people I know, I do have difficulty on occasion completely writing freely. I like being able to password protect and provide those readers who reach out, the opportunity to go ahead in to read.

    Good luck!

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