Book Review:Beautiful Something Else

Finally back with an actual book review! I received a copy of Beautiful Something Else by Sheila Hageman and once I finally was able to crack it open and get into it I was pleasantly surprised! So, I won’t ramble on I will just jump right to it…you’ve waited long enough already.

Author: Sheila Hageman (Can be purchased here)

Genere: Contemporary Romance


Beautiful Something Else is a contemporary romance with smarts and humor. Lizbeth, an outwardly-confident but overly self-conscious thirty-year-old, is spurred on by her New Age friend, Janet, to trust the Universe and ask for what she wants in life—to land a starring role, lose five pounds and find herself naked with a man. The stars seem to be aligning for her, but not exactly in the way she meant. A chance encounter with a film director at Grand Central Station may be her lucky break, but the New York City actress is blindsided when she is fired from her bill-paying waitress job, and she must decide where her true values lie. Should she take a position as a “pretend secretary” for a handsome, but holier-than-though chiropractor and healer with questionable morals to pay her rent? While Chip Duncan woos a potential investor for his new healing center, he fights his romantic urges for Lizbeth. She finds herself falling in love with Chip’s caring, healing heart, but she’s equally frustrated by his greed and dishonesty. Can Lizbeth resolve her body image issues and find a clear path to satisfaction in career and relationship? And will Chip realize in time that Lizbeth is the woman for him before he blows off her love?


I was pleasantly surprised by this book and not because the book was actually good, there was no doubt about that, but because it came right on time. How ironic would it be that I was opening myself up for the universe and I received a book about someone opening themselves up to the universe to receive all the things they want! It definitely put me in the right frame of mind for my own journey. 

In the book we have Lizbeth, someone who wants fame and fortune basically (don’t we all?) but she’s the victim of life’s circumstances. After a chat with her friend she decides to basically have faith in the Universe to provide all the things she needs. 

We also have Chip, who is already a believer in all things Universe and spiritual. But he’s very into himself, maybe a little too into himself.  He also find that the Universe puts him in an unusual situation to also open himself up fully and receive what it is offering and ultimately what he needs most. 

I enjoyed taking the journey with them through their self discovery and recovery. I was pleased with the ending and even encouraged and motivated in my life after reading this book. I definitely don’t want to spill the beans ! 

Bottom line:

I would recommend this book. It receives a 4 out of 5 stars from me !  It was well thought out with a good plot. Well written and well edited. I can’t find any major issues. I will say the visions were a little beyond me, like hmm, does THIS really happen? But mostly I was engrossed in the book and the “what’s happens next…?”

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