Y’all knew!


Y’all know I love me some Beyoncé. 9-4-81! It’s BEYDAY!


Breakup to makeup ?

So, last week, maybe even two weeks ago, the internet (Instagram) went wild because there was speculation that maybe Chris Brown and Karreuche broke up. Typically for show shit, delete all the pictures, unfollow, posting subgrams… The usual dramatics. But why?

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I do!

(From Monifah’s IG)

So, if you keep up with TV One reality series “R&B Diva’s Atlanta” then you are definitely up to date on the moments leading up to Monifah and Terez’s wedding. The couple wed in February in an intimate ceremony in Hawaii! Well, the photos were just released and let me just say I was blown away by Monifah’s dress! It was amazing, truly! I’m not, at all, upset that her dress is black because this wasn’t a traditional wedding. While I do love a good traditional wedding, I’m extremely open to non traditional weddings, especially if the couple can make it work for them! And they did. My only quarrel is that Terez’s dress or pants (because you can’t really tell) wasn’t equally as amazing and it wasn’t black. It appears navy or so and I don’t particularly care for that combination; but, she could have been going for subtle to let Monifah steal the spot light!

Either way, well played ladies. I hope they have a wonderful marriage! And future together!

Sidebar: It is gay pride month! Lovely timing for the photos to be released!

Hot Topic: #OITNB


While everyone was over indulging in a hot new netflix series called “Orange Is The New Black,” I was out chasing chickens or something to that extent.

So I just started watching this show and it is both amazing and addicting, but I must say it’s very racist. I mean it is comical, honestly, but I never knew that it contained so much racism! Thoughts?

I am currently loving Poussey portrayed by Samira Whiley and Sophia portrayed by Laverne Cox. Loving them! Piper is on my nerves so bad!

What are your thoughts on the show? I know this isn’t a drag but I had to share!

Drag on!

Oh really, O’Reilly?!

(Picture from rollingstone.com)

I don’t know why, for the love of all Beyoncé, anyone would part their thin pasty ass lips to speak ill of Beyoncé. Beyoncé probably has one of the most loyal fan bases ever. And when one speaks ill of King Bey her Beyhive swarms and attacks; so, who wants to be apart of that. Recently added to the list of people who don’t value their career, Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly is a conservative political commentator, that in itself just makes him unqualified. He feels as thought Beyoncé doesn’t produce art. That she is not a good role model for “young girls of color”. Well first off, I’ve never particularly cared for any sentence that contains “of color” when referring to race. I just don’t believe that to be polite. But, besides that there are several things wrong with this picture. For one, who is Bill O’Reilly to comment on urban pop culture, like that is first. He knows nothing about what girls of color are truly exposed to and let alone who they should try to be like. Let us revisit pancake ass Miley Cyrus “twerking” on stage at the awards, let us never forget! On second though forgetting that may be best. Is she a good example of who girls who are colorless ( yes, colorless) should be modeling after? Because, being high on percs is the thing to do, right? I’ll wait ……

Beyoncé is 32 years old and has been in her business since she was a wee little thang. Her target audience, her fans, are the same damn age as her! She is married which is a lot more than some of these other “role models” can say. Yes, she makes adult music. But the image of her isn’t tarnished because her adult music has an adult video which should be viewed by, I don’t know ADULTS maybe. People create art or whatever based on what they know. Single ladies was am amazing single however while we are still out here prancing in leotards singing “if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it,” this woman is going home to her HUSBAND. Yes, that is very relatable but damn it was almost immature. She grew up, as she should. Parents should monitor their children, it’s not Beyoncé’s responsibility.

She is however showing young girls you can be everything you want with dedication and hard work. This woman is maintaining a family and her career and is private! Privacy is a big deal and I can respect it.

Meanwhile Bill O’Reilly was out cheating on his wife. Ma’am have a seat!

Drag on…