Here’s the thing: Accept all Love 

Now, we know this isn’t true. Let’s start there. However, I saw this on Instagram with some not so nice commends under it. One of the comments said ,” they are teaching that  this is ok” and that people don’t want to have to explain to their child what homosexuality is. Hmm. 

Alright. I’m just as compelled to speak out against homophobia with the same tenacity as I would racism. I was told that when you are not homosexual it is difficult to explain to children, it’s not something you want to have to explain to a child because that’s an “adult issue”. 

I will have to explain to my child why he or she has two mothers, when their classmates may have a mom and a dad. I plan on using a very simple child friendly explainations. People love differently, and that’s OK. In fact, I feel like this would only be a difficult task if you’re trying to explain to a child why this is NOT ok, yes? 

I remember in 3rd or 4th grade, I had a close make friend. At that age, I knew I liked girls. I admired girls at that age. And I knew he liked boys, not because he was extremely feminine but because he tried to tell me he could turn is penis into a vagina. I’m not sure how I knew this was “wrong” or different but I did. People these are actions and thoughts of a 3rd/4th grader. I was sheltered. I had no way of knowing of lesbianism. I had no one “forcing” these thoughts onto me. They were thoughts of a child. You can explain these things to your child in a manner that they understand. 

In fact, one comment stated something along the lines of they don’t want television advising that there is any other way to live other than straight, like, you don’t want real life shown to a child that everyone isn’t innately straight. 

I’m so over people and their judgements and their ignorance. Love is love. Embrace it. Let be love how they choose to love. It’s not your love to understand. Children are blank slates. They are products of their environment. I want a well rounded child. One who doesn’t pass judgement. One who is consciously aware. One who is kind. One who loves passionately.  Not a child who is raised to to believe false realities, like all people are born straight. 

Thoughts? If this were true, would you allow your child to see this? 

Until next time….

With love, 


Here’s the thing: Something’s missing….

I’m from the DMV, specifically Baltimore (which isn’t really apart of the DMV but is technically since it is in Maryland).  9 years ago being gay in at the DMV meant one thing, 3rd Saturday at the DOX (The paradox). Literally everyone, or what seemed like everyone, was there. The Dox was a warehouse like night club and on 3rd Saturday was the night when anyone, gay or questioning,  18 and over would come and party all night long.  We would pile into my car and it literally would take me like a hour and a half to pick everyone up. In the dead winter at 12am, because it didn’t start until 12am, we would wait in the cold, in heels, and huddled together with drinks because it was byob (bring your own bottle) as long as you were over 21.  Continue reading

Here’s the thing… with diets

So a few posts ago I discussed wanting to go on a diet. Insert emoji side eye.  While I did honestly make the effort it became hard to stick to it.  I thought about it today because it honestly isn’t like I don’t want to lose the weight because I do but I think the problem is that I don’t cook. I want to be a housewife and I can bake but I have absolutely no desire to cook or learn how to cook or experiment. I just don’t want to.  I tried looking up healthier options for someone, like myself, who does sedentary work but that search didn’t turn up anything. I am going to start making the effort soon because I’m honestly not happy with what I see in the mirror but it’s hard. Continue reading