How comfortable are you and your partner?


If you are anything like me then you may be obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. In the new season of Grey’s, because Christina Yang is no longer on the show, Alex is Meredith’s new person. And Meredith is having a hell of a season. So, in typical Meredith form she’s been in bed and in the shower with Alex venting her problems. So much so that Jo is having a major issue with this. I really want to say I get it, part of me does but not really.
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25 Days of Christmas – Day 4: +



So, a big thing for me this year was transforming my mind set from negative to positive. It’s honestly true what they say, if you start seeing the positive in situations your life will transform. I’m a believer of that because it happened to me. I was in a toxic relationship and I carried the weight of so many people on my shoulders. ¬†One day, the sadness, the depression, the weight was far too heavy and I could no longer do it. I laid all of that to the side and chose a different path for myself. I am so glad I did. Continue reading

We are here again…

By here, I mean no indictment, again.

Not that I thought black lives would suddenly matter in a week. But, still.

So, in case you’re late, let me catch you up.

Policemen who happen to be white murder men who happen to be black and aren’t charged with murder. Only in America can you be a white man and put a black man in a headlock and have that black man tell you HE CAN NOT FUCKING BREATH and get away with it.

And that kids, is how you get away with murder.

With love,