About this weight

So, if you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’ve been “battling” with weight loss. Not really battling with weight loss as much as I’m battling with my love of food. Well folks, I have finally pulled up my big girl leggings, both literally and figuratively, and started combating this problem. 
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Baby steps


You see that tall bottle of water? That replaced my morning 32oz. soda. The cup of tea is sugar free. They are small steps but I’m sure, with consistency, the trade will pay off, eventually. I’m completely into instant gratification and that is what kills my weight loss… Everytime! I need you guys to hold me accountable. Help a sister out !

I talked to an old friend yesterday, who lost a significant amount of weight , and she helped motivate me a little. So it’s just keeping the motivation that is the problem. So… we will see.

side note : I wrote all of this and immediately ate a kit kat bar. You see my problem.

Motivation… Or lack there of

So, I have mentioned several times that I want to lose weight. However, I just can’t find the motivation. I’m unhappy and I find new flaws every single day. But that’s not enough to motivate me. So, I think I am going to look for a dietitian or a nutritionist. Or a personal trainer because this can’t go on. I’m miserable and it’s starting to effect me physically.

I don’t even know when I lost control of my eating. One things for sure, they (who ever they are) claim it takes 21 days to break a habit and I plan to attempt to start with my sofa habit. I’m, once again, going to the market. I need this to change. It’s out of control and I’m embarrassed.

How do you get motivated ?

With love,

Ok, seriously…

Remember a few weeks ago I said “lalala, I need to go on a diet,” (here) *insert emoji side eye*. Well, I will be because – drum roll please – my back is kill-ling me!  Lord!! So we (I) will start on September 1st or 3rd, depending on if I go on my trip this weekend. And I will start chronicling it from there.

I want to be crystal clear though, I am not excited but I’m anticipating the results.

I’m trying to get skinny girl!

As I sit here and eat 3 slices of pizza I consider the fact that I definitely need to go on a diet. I could be healthier and at my age I should be healthier.  I decided I will chronicle my journey, when I start.

I love food! I seriously think I am addicted to snacks. Addicted to snacks and self hating all in one.


I’ll let you know when I start. Someone, please, hold me accountable.  I want to lose the weight, I need to, but  FOOD! What am I pushing down and covering up with food?  I wish I knew.