Book Review: The Unhappy Wife

I know no one expected me to be back again, so soon. But I am and I have another book lined up to review (along with plenty more!). I was lucky enough to received an ARC of The Unhappy Wife by K. E. Garland. So, I’m just going to jump right into it. 

Author: K. E. Garland (Get it here)

Genre: Women’s Fiction


Twelve women share one thing in common – the quest for being happily married to the men they chose; however, each one finds herself in an unexpected marital predicament. Inspired by real events and told from each woman’s perspective, these short stories are firsthand accounts detailing the realities of marriage well after each woman said, “I do.” .

So, again, this is a little different than the books I usually read as this is a collection of short stories. However, they were very good stories and lessons. As a woman, there are certain things that society pushes on us, marriage being one of them. The reasons why people get married or stay married are all their own. But through these stories I found that women have settled, ignored their intuition, addicted to marriage, or even relinquished their power in their marriages. 
This just further proves that women often compromise so much to look perfect to the world. There are women who would rather stay married than to be embarrassed by a divorce which to some equals failure. 
The stories, though short, were wonderfully told. They had their own unique voice for each woman telling the story. And, they each had a lesson, if not more. The book was edited wonderfully and was well written. 
Bottom Line:
I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. I’m nosey in nature, but I was immediately drown into the stories. I am also in a space in my life where growth is front and center and learning red flags and lessons are most important, so I appreciated each of these stories. I would recommend this book. 
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Book Review: Milk and Honey

This is a little different than my usual book reviews! So, let’s just jump right into it. 

: Rupi Kaur (Get it here)



Milk and Honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. About the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity.

The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. Milk and Honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.

This book was a bit different for me, but I saw somewhere if you are going through heartache or failure to read this book and so I did. This book was so refreshing, I almost can’t explain it. It was not a traditional story but a series of feelings and emotions. 
It is an one of a kind experience. I read this book and I cried, I sobbed and in some moments I felt renewed and restored. As a woman it made me feel like everything is not my fault and I don’t have to assume everything to be solely my fault and I don’t have to feel less than. 

This book will break you down and then rebuild you in a unique way. I felt motivated afterwards. I felt whole and uplifted. It did go through moments of abuse, and denial, and embracing your femininity and finding new love and losing love. 
Bottom Line: 
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. Some of the poems where merely two lines. But those two lines were enough. It simply wasn’t long enough, I needed…no I craved more. It was edited wonderfully and even included small doodles. The saying was true, if you are going through something, read this book! I would definitely recommend it. 

Back & Better Than Ever

Hey Guys!

I know I’m a week late, but I’ve been trying to get some things worked out on my end. So I’m back and with help!! That’s right, I have enlisted help. Ever since I was listed on The Book Review Directory I have been flooded with requests! Which is great, but in between requests I still want to be able to  meet my goal which is to bring my readers  thrilling (and sometimes, not so thrilling) book reviews from POC about POC!

I’ve noticed a lack in reviews for African American fiction and romance and I am aiming to fill that gap! I also want to be able to provide you with  more frequent updates! I read a lot and you would have no idea if you went solely based on  the blog! But what’s better than one reviewer? THREE! We have our own taste in books and our own still in reviewing.

I am accepting requests, but it is important to note that I would like to stick closely to my requirement. If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please submit a form.

So, with out further adieu…

Javon Monet is a blogger on WordPress since 2012, her self titled blog is a diary of her

javonblogdating life as a 20-something queer woman in the DMV. Javon studied creative writing at William Paterson University; her works of fiction can be found on and Wattpad. She is also a volunteer editor for various writers on When she isn’t spending her time writing or editing she is reading, buying high heels, drinking wine and exploring new parts of the DMV.




Hi I’m TaNia! Lady, mommy, lover and friend. I live for things that sparktaniablogle and make me feel pretty but my favorite past time when I’m not working and spending time with my family is reading. My life can get pretty hectic so when I have a moment of peace I love to get lost in a book. Yessss ma’am I love to read. So I’m here to give you the good, the bad, or the ugly of the literature that I love to indulge in, in my spare time.

Book Review: This Could Be Us but You Playin’ 1-3

Don’t you just love when books are titled after catchy hooks in songs? I do, for whatever reason, it pulls me in and I read it, more often than not. So I’m not going to prolong this, since it’s been a while, I’m just going to jump into it. 

Author: Cachet (Can be purchased here)

Genre: Urban Romance


Dominique was a product of a broken home. With a mother who hated her very existence, and a father who was locked away in prison for the attempted murder of her mother; she just couldn’t catch a break. With a stressful home life, Dominique’s only ray of sunshine is her boyfriend, Kaleb. As teens the duo are madly in love, with plans to marry and raise a family together. That is until Kaleb unintentionally breaks her heart. Dominique is crushed, and does the only thing she can think of; and that is to leave. Kaleb realizes that he’s messed up when Dominique moves away and goes off to college; leaving behind no way to contact her. After a few years Kaleb eventually accepts the fact that Dominique is gone forever. By then he has his life on track, and is now a very successful business man with the world at his fingertips. A chance encounter reconnects the two ex-lovers, and Kaleb sees it as a chance to right his wrongdoings, and finally be with the one who captured his heart all those years ago. There’s one problem; not only is Dominique engaged to marry another man, but she is also the mother of his son. To make matters worse, Kaleb himself is involved with a woman who loves him unconditionally. Although faced with a sticky situation, Kaleb refuses to allow Dominique to slip away again. He vows to get her back at any cost; even if it means destroying a home that Dominique doesn’t know is damaged to begin with. Will these lovers reconnect, or will they realize that their ships have passed?


This series is a classic case of the “what-ifs“. When you wonder back to that person who ignited your fire so many years ago and wonder what if it had worked out. Or when you realize that your feelings never really died for that person after you run into them many years later. 

The plot, while typical, was well thought out and flowed nicely. It wasn’t patchy at all. The characters were also developed nicely. I do believe the story line is something that has been done a few times over but there are definitely some plot twists. 

It wasn’t too much drama but it was just enough to make it realistic. The entire book was realistic unlike some where it just could never happen.  I like how the story played out. 

The book was edited ok. There were a few typos but for the most part it was good. 

Bottom line :

4 out of 5! I would recommend this book to others. It’s a good read and I looked forward to each installment to find out what happens next. I think anyone would enjoy this urban romance and the tale of Dominique and Kaleb! 

Book Review: Stay

I know I’ve been gone a while but life sort of happened. That doesn’t mean I haven’t read a ton of books in the meanwhile! It’s no secret I enjoy books by author Ivy Symone, in fact I did an Author Review on all of her books I read at once. Well, she published a new book not too long ago, I thought I would review it while I’m completing another authors catalogue for another Author Review. 

Author: Ivy Symone (purchase here)

Genre: Urban Fiction/Romance


Frankee had everything a woman could desire. From the castle-like mansion she dwelled in to the fancy jewels she adorned; she had it all. She was the mother of two beautiful children whom she simply adored, and she was surrounded by a slew of servants who praised and worshipped her like she was royalty. Her fairytale life was every girl’s dream come true. But she never thought her shining knight in armor would come in the form of a megalomaniac! 
Zino Okonjo has been proclaimed by many to be a powerful and ruthless “street financier”. A man like Zino doesn’t sit back and play by the rules others make; it’s his way or no way. Exerting his dominance, he takes Frankee in exchange for a debt owed; it changes her life instantly. Four years later, Frankee still hasn’t accepted her fate and want to reconnect with the man she was taken from. An opportunity presents itself and she makes a dash for her freedom to reunite with her ex, Antwan. 

This was his chance to reclaim the woman that was rightfully his. Not only will Antwan get his woman back, but it’s time for him to exact revenge on the man he loathe the most: Zino. 


This book had an unique story line, at least it was a new one for me. You know I hate giving too much away but spoilers may be ahead! This is basically about a woman who was a bargaining piece. Now, I’m not saying I’ve never read a book when a woman was a bargaining piece but I’m saying this has a little twist, almost a silver lining. 

Frankee has a dream life for the most part and she honestly didn’t have to work hard to get it. But I completely understand why she was sad in the situation she was in. I can even understand her wanting to go back to her past, simple and less luxurious life. But what I can’t understand is how her friends wanted her to believe or find the goodness that came from the fucked up situation. 

This book definitely had some plot twists and I enjoyed it. It may have taken me a day or two to read. But what I absolutely enjoyed the most was that it was a stand alone novel! Amen! 

Per usual Ivy Symone books, it was well written and flowed nicely. It was well edited also. The character development was there and so was the drama. There was some action which was not so unbelievable as it is in some books. 

Bottom line:

I give this a 5-Star rating. I can’t find anything bad about this story. It was fresh and different. It wasn’t s series and it was well written. I would definitely recommend this book! 

Until next time….


So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter (and you should @WLoveTaniaBlog) then you know I’ve been talking about a new series! This new series is none other than the infamous Throwback Thursday. But, not in the sense you may be thinking. I started reading for my leisure maybe around age 13. I read all of the popular authors at that time including Omar Tyree, Eric Jerome Dickey, Zane and more. Back when books where long, well edited and had bomb story lines! But, have you ever re-watched something as an adult that you had watched as a child and  had a light bulb moment like “Ooooh, that’s what they meant” because as a child it completely flew over your head. Well, I want to see if I have that moment with a few of the books I read as a child. I know that for one, I had no damn business reading Zane at a tender 14, but I want to see how these books are holding up in the age of long series and self publishing! 

Over the next few weeks or months, I will occasionally revisit a few of my favorites and see if they still hold a spot in my heart as they did over 10 years ago. Books like, True to the Game, Liquid Dreams, The Coldest Winter Ever, Sisters of APF and maybe many more. So, with out further ado… let’s get right into it. 
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