Book Reviews

Due to the large number of books I’ve been reading I have been inspired to review books. This page will suffice as a guide to let you know what has been reviewed and what is up next to be reviewed.

The reviews are based on my personal opinions as a reader. And while I will try to bring forth both a review as well as a list of recommended lesbian fiction novels, because let’s face it it is hard to find good lesbian fiction, it would be advised to note that there will be a mixture of books reviewed. The reviews can be located under the menu item, “On the book shelf.” Hope this helps!

To be reviewed:
Divergent Series
The Hunger Games Series
She Say, She Say
The Available Wife (part 1 and 2)
Three Degrees of Separation
In It’s Rawest Form
I remember Christmas


3 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Happy Tuesday morning, Tania!

    Wow! You are FAST! One thousand thanks to you! My gratitude overflows. Writers are ever excited when their stories are read, so let me add that I am appreciative beyond measure. ❤

    Muchas gracias,


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